Consultation and Clinical Support Service (CCSS)

For Genetic Metabolic & Genetic Disorders

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In mid-2015, GMCE launched the Consultation and Clinical Support Service (CCSS) to provide clinicians and nutritional providers with immediate and/or scheduled access to metabolic expertise. This is delivered through the use of the latest advanced technology, irrespective of geographic location. Our staff of metabolic geneticists will assist when expertise is required or faculty coverage is needed, and is available to genetic and metabolic clinics, neonatal intensive care units, clinics that manage newborn screening follow-up, and any medical center that serves the metabolic patient population

Our staff of physicians and dietitians will provide practical, up-to-date information to equip health care providers with the knowledge and guidance needed to give optimal care to their patients. For undiagnosed patient cases, GMCE metabolic insight will help broaden the differential diagnosis and focus the investigative plan, leading to a timely initiation of treatment.

CCSS Staff

The CCSS staff of Clinician-Educators includes board-certified MDs in the area of biochemical genetics, providing an experienced metabolic perspective. Also, our team of Dietitian-Educators adds nutritional expertise pertinent to each patient’s case. Consultations include a detailed treatment and management plan. Each engagement team is led by Dr. Korson who is joined by other experienced geneticists and a staff of dietary experts.

Client Deliverables

CCSS interactions are tailored to each individual client. In addition to teaching about the pertinent issues of the case and/or disease, consultations include any combination of the following services, as appropriate and/or required:

  • Guidelines for the assessment of a patient with a documented or suspected inborn error.
  • A metabolically-oriented discussion of the case.
  • A differential diagnosis that prioritizes treatable and more common metabolic disorders.
  • A practical approach for investigation that considers the probability of the diagnosis, whether or not a disease is treatable, and the cost of the testing.
  • An ordered treatment plan, including acute interventions and stepwise management.
  • A written and documented plan for follow-up based on the testing and treatment recommendations and strategy.
  • Advice on the latest advances: testing, treatments, protocols, and nutritional therapies.

All clients have 24hr emergency access.

Utilizing advanced telehealth initiatives, CCSS follows HIPAA compliance standards in interactions, video conferencing, and secure document exchange.