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Educational Programs

GMCE has created a novel approach to address the challenges posed by a shortage of clinical expertise in the area of biochemical genetics, a global solution that can change the way health care addresses rare disease and other underserved specialty areas of medicine.

The following Programs consist of a comprehensive e-learning platform of practical, symptom-based, and specialty-relevant educational tools with a complementary consultative capability to create an unprecedented telehealth resource designed to equip clinicians and medical trainees with the knowledge they need to participate actively in the diagnosis and management of metabolic disease

eLearning Tutorials – GMCE is producing online eLearning tutorials designed for a specific medical specialists who are likely to encounter both diagnosed and undiagnosed metabolic patients in their clinical practices. These online tutorials include comprehensive lectures, interactive case studies, patient-as-teacher presentations, pre- and post-course topic comprehension evaluations, and downloadable “take home points”.

Subspecialty-Specific Conferences – Day-long training programs that provide practical, metabolic approaches to important symptoms within a specific specialty using interactive, case-based workshops. Targeted subspecialties for 2016 include Pediatric Neurology and Pediatric Intensive Care/Emergency Medicine.

Patient-As-Teacher Project (The Damian Project) – A library of patient presentations, representing a wide range of metabolic conditions, that introduce physicians and trainees to patients they might not have seen in their own clinical experience. Live presentations are also scheduled; patients and parents are speaking to medical students at Tufts University and Boston University on five occasions again this fall.

Newborn Screening Webinars – Online workshops that discuss the procedure of newborn screening, review the disorders included in the screening panel, provide a case-oriented approach for diagnosis confirmation, and design a plan for implementing therapy, especially for disorders that are associated with acute clinical and biochemical decompensation.

The Newborn Screening Education Project – A comprehensive approach for assisting regions that are introducing or expanding newborn screening. Programs includes a combination of live conferences, online webinars, and ongoing clinical support, all developed with a culturally-sensitive approach and tailored to the needs and capabilities of the region.

“Never Miss” Brochures – Following Jean-Marie Saudubray’s outspoken battle cry, “Never miss a treatable disease!” and based on GMCE’s symptom-based approach to diagnosis, these informational summaries focus on the identification of patients for whom life-changing therapies already exist.

Industry Training Workshops – Recognizing the need for education beyond the medical community, GMCE offers training seminars to meet the demands of pharmaceutical professionals who are new to and/or require training in the area of biochemical genetics.