Free Trial Program


GMCE’s Metabolic Telehealth Consultation and Clinical Support Service (CCSS) provides clinicians with immediate and/or scheduled access to metabolic expertise, irrespective of geographic location. Our staff can assist when expertise is required or faculty coverage is needed, and is available to genetic or metabolic clinics, other specialty clinics, neonatal ICUs, and newborn screening follow-up programs.

FREE TRIAL PROGRAM INFO: All participating clinics will be granted 4 free hours of CCSS per month through March 31, 2017. Please see the terms of the offer provided below. For information please contact GMCE at or (617) 657-5919.

HOW CCSS WORKS: GMCE’s CCSS program can be as easy as sending an email or fax, making a phone call, or participating in a simple video conference. All interactions are HIPAA-compliant.

GMCE STAFF: Our staff of Clinician-Educators include board-certified MDs in the area of biochemical genetics, who provide an experienced metabolic perspective. Our team of Dietitian-Educators adds nutritional expertise pertinent to each patient case, providing a comprehensive treatment and management plan.

CLIENT DELIVERABLES: CCSS interactions are tailored to each individual client. In addition to teaching about the pertinent issues of the case and/or disease, consultations include any combination of the following services, as appropriate for the case and the treating clinician:

  • Guidelines for the assessment of a patient with a documented or suspected inborn error.
  • A metabolically-oriented discussion of the case, focusing on the issues of concern.
  • A differential diagnosis when the diagnosis is uncertain (prioritizing treatable and more common disorders), or when known, a review of causes for the issue(s) under review.
  • A written plan for follow-up based on the testing and treatment recommendations and strategy.
  • A practical approach for investigation (concurrent or consecutive). For unknowns: the approach considers the probability of the diagnosis, its treat-ability, and the test cost.
  • An ordered treatment plan, including acute interventions and step-wise management.

  • Advice on the latest advances: testing; treatments; protocols; and nutritional products.

  • 24-hour emergency service available.

For information please contact GMCE at or (617) 657-5919

This offer (the “Free Trial Offer”), which is made to your institution by GMCE entitles your institution to four (4) hours of free Consultation & Clinical Support Service (CCSS) per month from the commencement date as designated in the signed GMCE Consultant Agreement until March 31, 2017. Responses to non-emergent inquiries may take up to 24 hours. Scheduled appointments hours occur from 8:00am-8:00pm ET and require up to 48-hour notice. If you require an unscheduled emergency appointment or assistance between 8:00pm-8:00am ET, or if any additional hours per month are required by your institution during the Free Trial Offer, your institution will be billed at a rate of $250.00 per hour. Follow-ups to emergency consultations will be treated as scheduled appointments and will utilize Free Trial Offer hours (if applicable). Free Trial Offer hours cannot be rolled-over from month to month. Payment for full hours only is required; however, purchased consultation time will be divided into 15-min intervals (i.e., four 15-min consultations per paid hour).